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Use this Outlook 2007 Add-in to send emails to SharePoint libraries, saving custom properties, and then view the emails directly in the browser using the Mail2SharePoint Email Viewer web part.

Share emails as a team, archive them to SharePoint, save to project sites.
Mail2SharePoint Client (Outlook 2007 Add-In)
  • Define list of SharePoint site collection URL's in Outlook -> Tools -> Options -> Mail2SharePoint
  • Select emails, right click, and select 'Send to SharePoint'
  • Select email document library in tree view navigator - and 'Save'
  • The email is uploaded to the SharePoint library:
    • Entire .msg file is saved into SharePoint for archiving
    • Email properties such as 'To', 'CC', 'Sender' are saved as custom properties in SharePoint
    • Attachments are optionally saved separately to SharePoint
Mail2SharePoint Server (SharePoint WSP)
  • Upload solution and activate to a web application with STSADM (Enable features in Site Collection AND Site level)
  • Create a new library with the 'M2S_Email Library' definition
  • You'll then see your new library in the Outlook tree view picker
  • Add the 'Mail2SharePoint Email Viewer Web Part' to the page, and modify the settings to point to an Email Library in the same site


 Email to SharePoint Upload process

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